Passenger Boarding Bridges

Dabico A-Bridge provides the industry’s premier Renewed Passenger Boarding Bridges. These bridges are built to your specification from an empty “shell”


Dabico A-Bridge has dedicated Field Service Technicians ready to mobilize on a moments notice. Our Technicians have a 150 years of combined experience


Dabico A-Bridge manufacturers/fabricates the accessories needed for your Passenger Boarding Bridge, PC-Air Unit(s), or 400hz unit(s)


Fully Renewed Passenger Boarding Bridges

Dabico A-Bridge can delivery fully renewed PBBs from our Indianapolis inventory – and provide turn-key installation and commissioning services.

Brackets & Accessories

Our custom PCA carts are a perfect fit for your PCA needs. All PCA carts come in our standard safety yellow with 4” casters and hardware for installation.


We can provide replacement canopies for all makes and models of PBB.


Dabico A-BRIDGE Pantographs are a sure fit for your cable needs. Pantographs are used to carry electrical cable, hose, and control cables for your boarding bridge’s ancillary equipment.

Cable Hoists

CADS specialises in Airport Electrical & Mechanical Design Services

Tires and Wheels

Tire replacement for all makes and models, including pneumatic to solid tire conversions and low-profile options.

Solutions & Services

Battery-powered converter for parked aircraft at gates, remote stands, and hangars

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ReNEWed Passenger Boarding Bridges

At Dabico A-Bridge’s specialized facility, we utilize the industry’s most extensive rebuilding process to completely revitalize PBBs to new condition from our in stock inventory.




Inspections & Assessments


Renewed Passenger Boarding Bridges

Dabico A-BRIDGE can refurbish and bring new life to your existing PBB or provide you with a fully renewed PBB from our inventory. Either way, you can expect to see savings of as much as 40% over a new PBB.


Dabico A-BRIDGE understands the importance of a functional and safe PBB. To help ensure that each of our client’s equipment is operating efficiently throughout the year, Dabico A-Bridge can provide on-site routine preventative maintenance programs.

Inspections & Assessments

Aircraft layout design, boarding bridge modification, manufacturer’s required service bulletin, and safety alert compliance. As a full-service provider, Dabico A-BRIDGE not only can identify existing solutions but also has the in-house design capabilities to create custom solutions and products tailored to meet your most challenging passenger boarding bridge problems.

Installation, Removal, and Relocation

We have the experience to handle all your passenger boarding bridge Installation, Removal, and Relocation wants and needs. With over 30 years in business, we have seen and done it all.



Inspections & Assessments


News and Events


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A-BRIDGE Passenger Boarding Bridge Renewal

At A-Bridge, we utilize the industry’s most extensive rebuilding process to provide Passenger Boarding Bridges

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