Fernweh Group and Dabico Corporation
Complete Acquisition of A-Bridge, LLC

Fernweh Group LLC (“Fernweh”) and its portfolio company, Dabico Corporation (“Dabico” or “Dabico Airport Solutions”), have completed the previously announced acquisition of A-Bridge, LLC (“A-Bridge”), with current A-Bridge investors rolling their investment into the future combined organization. Fernweh and Dabico’s proposed investment in A-Bridge is part of its overall strategy to build a leading global aviation and transportation/logistics infrastructure platform.

A-Bridge is one of the largest, pure-play providers of construction, refurbishment, repair, installation, and other services for passenger boarding bridges and other forms of ground service equipment (“GSE”). A-Bridge is a US-based service provider with operations based out of Indianapolis, IN and has worked with multiple marquee airports across the United States and Canada. Recent refurbishments performed by the A-Bridge team include Indianapolis International Airport, Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Nick Santhanam, CEO of Fernweh Group, noted, “I would like to extend a sincere welcome to the entire A-Bridge team as we announce the completion of the acquisition. We see A-Bridge’s critical service offerings as a core component of the buildout of our platform. It was a pleasure working with the respective teams at Dabico and A-Bridge as we successfully completed the transaction, and we look forward to capitalizing on the significant market opportunities ahead.”

“On behalf of the entire team at Dabico, I would like to thank the team at A-Bridge for their partnership as we start the new year as a combined company. Through the integration of our respective teams and service offerings, our core focus will be to deliver unparalleled customer service and support across the globe,” says Juergen Strommer, Dabico CEO.

Jason Summers, Managing Director of A-Bridge LLC, commented, “We’re grateful to begin this new chapter in our respective histories through our partnership with Dabico and their investment partner, Fernweh. We look forward to leveraging the collective expertise and customer-centric focus of our combined teams to continue to serve our customers and accelerate our growth trajectory over the coming years.”

About Fernweh Group LLC

Fernweh is an investment firm led by leaders from global institutions with prior experience working with companies in the industrial and industrial technology sectors on strategy, M&A, and operational transformation. Fernweh believes that the mid- and small-cap industrial and industrial technology sectors are the backbone of the economy and the engine for its growth. By combining management capability, operational and strategic transformation support, and capital for each company’s unique context, history, and needs, Fernweh aims to be a builder of businesses and create value for all stakeholders. Fernweh’s CEO co-authored the book on the industrial technology sector “Titanium Economy”, which has been on the WSJ best seller list. Learn more at fernweh.com.

About Dabico Airport Solutions

Dabico Airport Solutions is a leading global supplier that designs, manufactures, integrates, and services innovative ground support systems for civil and military aviation sectors. Through its comprehensive portfolio, Dabico addresses fuelling, cooling, power, and wet services needs of parked aircrafts. With extensive experience and technological expertise, we enable customers to maximize safety, availability, efficiency, and sustainability. Based in the United States, Dabico is globally focused and has operations spanning North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Learn more at dabico.com.