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Passenger Boarding Bridge Specialists

At Dabico A-Bridge, we are Passenger Boarding Bridge specialists offering turnkey and support services for the purchase, renewal, repair, modification, relocation, and maintenance of PBBs. A-Bridge differentiates itself within the industry by offering a comprehensive range of services to airports and airlines to help carry your project from inception to final completion.

Dabico A-BRIDGE, LLC carries an extensive inventory of replacement parts for all makes and models, and we are a one-stop shop for nearly any item related to a passenger boarding bridge.

Dabico A-BRIDGE, LLC is the sole owner of Dewbridge intellectual property and we currently have Dewbridge parts on hand. Dabico A-Bridge, LLC has become the provider of the commuter industry’s premier passenger boarding bridge. Many new design and component upgrades are now available for all makes and models, so please call us to find out how your PBB can perform at an even higher level of service.

Parent company: Dabico Airport Solutions

Dabico Airport Solutions is a leading cleantech company with more than 50 years of experience that designs and delivers high quality connection, electrification equipment and turnkey solutions to enable decarbonization, safer and more efficient airports & seaports.

DABICO’s cutting-edge products and solutions provides alternate system to APU and reduces tarmac congestion, improve overall performance, safety and efficiency, reduces the environmental impact and increases the profit to the customers.

Over the years, Dabico Airport Solutions has acquired and brought together complementary skills of DABICO Fueling, Meyerinck, Fladung, INET, A-Bridge, FMT; In July 2022, Fernweh Group (US based fund) acquired Dabico, which since has operated as a private US headquarter company.

Today, Dabico Airport Solutions offers comprehensive portfolio of solutions (Passenger Boarding Bridge, Power, Cooling, Fueling, Wet Services, Accessories) and services (Engineering, Repair, Retrofit, Maintenance) across the globe through our global presence. We operate from four facilities, have presence in 10 countries, and employ close to 250 skilled personnel who represent a large number of cultures, and who provide our customers with local support that is backed by the global reach of the Group’s engineering expertise.

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